Install office

Install office

Microsoft Office has brought together top-grade applications with innovative features that help you to take your work experience to the next level. You can accomplish all of your tasks more creatively and smartly with the help of high-end Office tools. Its various features and offerings make this product the right solution for all your needs. To get the most out of the Office application, you must install Office on your system.

Aspects to Focus On Before You Install Office

Install office​

As to install various Office products, you must focus on several aspects that will make the process smooth and convenient. Take into consideration the given aspects to install the software.

    • Your computing device must have some free disk space. 
    • Good network connectivity is required throughout the installation process. 
    • You must log in to the system as an administrator
    • The setup file must be downloaded in your system. 
    • Your device must be compatible with the software by accomplishing all the system requirements.

Thorough Procedure for the Successful Installation of Office

Install office​

The installation of the Office is the utmost important process that helps you unlock the innovative and advanced Office applications. The Office has customized its applications for different operating systems so that it can work best with both. The features and apps for Mac might differ with the one that of Windows. With the application, the installation process also differs with the OS. To learn how to install Office on both Windows and Mac, take a look at the given procedure.

Install Office On Windows Device:

Installing the Office subscription on a windows device is quite simple. You can install the Office application by tapping twice on the office setup file you have downloaded. Then, move forward with the installation process by granting the required permissions. When you permit the application, the installation will commence on its own. Keep a check on the progress bar and wait until the installation is done. You will get to see the completion message on your screen after the completion of the setup process.

Procedure For Mac Users:

If you are using a Mac computing device to Install Office, then you need to follow the below-specified directions. 

  1. The installation process for Mac users begins with retrieving the downloaded Office setup file. The file is either saved to its default download folder or other location that you have opted for.
  2. As you get the file, open it by double-clicking its icon. 
  3. Now, the installation wizard will come up. In the initial window, press “Continue”.
  4. Followed to this, study the license agreement of Office software and tap on the “Continue” button.
  5. You will now see a dialog box for accepting the agreement. Agree to it to step ahead. 
  6. After this, you have to check the storage requirement of the software and ensure that you have the necessary space with you. If needed then you can change the install office location and choose the desired one. 
  7. Then, click the “Install” tab. 
  8. Next to this, you will be asked to input the administrator credentials to confirm the process. 
  9. Finally, the installation will start off. Within a minute the install office process will complete and display the confirmation message on your screen. Now, click “Close” and move out.

Procedure to Fix General Office Installation Errors

Office Installation Errors

You might come across several issues while performing the Office installation process. These obstacles will leave a negative impact on your installation experience and makes the process difficult to complete. However, we will help you out to fix the error. For resolving, follow the given troubleshooting procedures. 

Use the Easy Fix Tool

Download the Easy Fix Tool from the Office Support webpage and install it. After the completion of the installation process, an uninstall product window will come into view. Uninstall the application with the help of on-screen instructions. Then, restart your device and start again. 

Turn Off the Antivirus software

Move to the antivirus software that you are using and turn it off. Generally, you need to click Start> Settings> Update and Security. Then, turn off the toggle button beside your antivirus. However, the process might vary with the OS and its version. 

Reinstall Office

If already installed then remove the application or cancel the process in the middle. Then, reinstall the software again on your system with the help of the above-given directions. 

Other Methods

    • Use private web browsing window
    • Remove additional nonessential internet files
    • Install the latest version of the operating system
    • End the task that is running behind the installation
    • Restart your computer system