Office Setup​

Office Setup

Office Setup

This is an inclusive guide that will assist to accomplish the Office setup process. With the given information, you can plan the setup and complete the process successfully.

Complete Procedure for Setting Up your Office Application

Office Setup​​

The Office Setup is an integrated procedure that helps the users to get the Office applications to work on your system. To complete the setup process you have to carry out several procedures. All the steps or procedures that you need to perform are mentioned underneath. You must carefully read them and then execute the setup process. Following the given directions will help you to experience a trouble-free process. 

  1. Purchase an Office Product: To set up the Office application you first ought to purchase the premium product. For purchasing, visit the official website and select the product that you find the best for you. Then, make the payment and complete the purchase. 
  2. Activate Your Subscription: Next, you need to visit the activation window by entering “” as a web address. In the activation window, provide your email address and password to access your account. Later to this, enter in the product key and confirm the process.  
  3. Download the setup file: As you confirm the activation process, the link for the product download will come into your view. Click the link and download the Office setup file.

Install the Office Setup File: The concluding step of the setup is to install the application on your system. The process of installation will differ from the operating system. Windows users will enjoy a one-step installation which requires them to click the file and grant permission. On the other hand, Mac users need to access and double-click the file, enter administrator credentials, read the license agreement, select the location, and more. However, all the instructions will display on your screen that will help you to complete the process.


Q1. Can I perform Office setup on my mobile device? If yes, then how?

Ans. Office applications are compatible with mobile devices too. You can now download and use Office applications on smart devices for free. However, there are some limitations in the features that a user can access. Some of the features are available only when the Office applications are used on the computing device. To get the application, download the file from the play store or app store and install it on your device. You can use these applications on both the Android and iOS operating systems.  

Q2. How can I renew my Office Subscription?

Ans. The Office setup process ends with the installation or activation. However, later to that it becomes important to renew the subscription once the subscription period comes to an end. Renewing helps the users to enjoy continuous benefits without any interruptions. For renewing, you can either go and purchase a new subscription and later perform the whole Office setup process again. However, you can also opt for the renewal method via “”. This is an automatic renewal method and requires you to choose the tenure of your subscription and add the payment details. The Office will then automatically renew your subscription every month or every year, as per your selection. 

Q3. On how many devices can I use my Office subscription?

Ans. Single subscription of Office product can be used on multiple devices. The number might differ with the product. However, the maximum number of devices on which you can enjoy your subscription is 6. In simpler words, Office allows its users to buy one subscription and further use it on 6 distinct devices. 

Q4. What functions can I perform using the various applications that can be accessed after Office Setup?

Ans. Office subscription comes up with multiple applications. All the applications are designed to perform a specific feature and help the users in getting their work done in much less time. To know more about the work each of the applications perform, you must look at the given information.

    • Word: This application helps you to create documents and reports with several advanced features such as charts, visuals, etc.  
    • Excel: You can create spreadsheets with easy calculations, using graphic tools, pie charts, and graphs. 
    • Powerpoint: It allows you to design presentations with transitions, animation, sound, etc. 
    • Outlook: It is an email program of Office that helps you to send and receive emails. You can link it with the third email service provider.
    • Access: This application basically serves the data management functions where you can store your information, analyze it, and create reports out of it.  
    • OneNote: It is an online notebook where you can write, draw, collect, organize, and do much more. 

Publisher: Using this you can design several publications such as business cards, newsletters, greeting cards, and more.