Benefits of Creating an Account via

Here is the list of benefits that you can avail after signing into your Office account. 

  1. allows you to access all the Office products and services from anywhere around the globe.
  2.  You can link your multiple devices with a single Office account after creating it via 
  3. Further, you can store your different subscription keycodes into the Office account so that it will remain safe from unauthorized access. 
  4. The portal provides you online versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint which simply means you can continue to work if you do not have Office applications. Also, you can view your Word documents and edit them online. 
  5. After signing in, you can access the files saved in OneDrive, business emails, and make presentations via PowerPoint.

Steps for Office Account Registration

  1. Access the most-suitable web browser that complies with your operating system. You can distinguish between Edge Chromium, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 
  2. Now, you have to put your cursor in the address bar which is positioned at the top of the screen. Insert and press the Enter key. 
  3. If your internet speed is good enough, the Office Login window will be displayed immediately. As you do not have an account, you have to click on Create One link.  
  4. Now, provide the email address that should be valid and already accessed on your device. Then, hit the Next button. 
  5. You will now be required to Set a password that will help you to secure your account from hackers. It is recommended to include at least 8 characters, numbers, symbols for making it extremely difficult.
  6. Click Next and a new window will come into view asking you to enter the security code. At the same time, you will get an email for verification on the email id you have provided in the above step. 
  7. Open the email and recognize the security code. Then, copy the code and paste it on the login window. Additionally, mark the checkbox of “latest Offers” to know about newly-launched products and updates of Microsoft. 
  8. Also, acknowledge the Privacy Policy and License Agreements of Office by clicking on their links. If you have no query and doubts related to the agreements, click on the Next button. Enter the captcha text into the required field correctly and then click Create Office Account
  9. With this, you will receive an email for your account confirmation. Access the mail and click Verify.

Sign In via

Once you are done with account creation, the next step is Sign-in. Below-given are the steps that guide you on how to sign in using the login credentials. 

  1. By launching a web browser, navigate to
  2. Mention your email address and click Next. 
  3. Then, recall your password that you have generated at the time of account creation and enter it into the space provided. 
  4. Click Next, and if you have provided both the credentials accurately, you will get to see the main account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to change the display language via

Ans1. You can change the display language whenever you like after signing into your account. Access, input the registered Office login credentials, and then click Next. When you have signed in, click on the Profile icon and select “My Profile”. This will open up a new window, click on Change Display Language link. Now, click on the drop-down arrow key and a list of all the languages will be shown to you. Choose the language that you are well-aware of and then click Select. It will show you a pop-up box for confirmation, click OK. 

Q2. How to open the Services & Subscriptions page? 

Ans2. To check all your purchased subscriptions and renewal date, you have to first sign in. Launch and sign in by entering your registered login credentials. Now, click on the Profile icon which is placed at the top-right corner of the Office account interface. From the options displayed, you have to select “My Account”. In the next window, click on the “Services & Subscriptions” option from the top panel. This will show you a list of all the subscriptions that are linked to your account. In case, any of the subscriptions gets expired, you can renew it.